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Technology as a tool

for making ideas happen

At Qualix we ideate, design and integrate technological resources transforming our clients' information into a powerful decision tool.


Internet of Things

Contextualize your business knowing in real time the information to be able to make key decisions.  The architecture of our CONTEXT platform allows us to play with Hardware, Communication and Software developing the best capabilities of your business.

Infrastructure and

More than 10 years teaming up with leading technology brands, training our engineers and facing the challenges of our customers, who trust us with the growth and maintenance of their IT infrastructure.


Strategy is the hardest part of the game. Attacking or defending is a question of roles, when we talk about cybersecurity we refer first and foremost to policies, procedures and the people who govern it.  We work on the basis of standards that allow us to devise a good defense by attacking our clients' vulnerabilities while keeping their assets safe.

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The game is a powerful innovation tool, When we play, everything we imagine can become real .And this is what we have been doing for more than 10 years. We continue to transform the world ofour clients doing what we are passionate about: Play with technology to solve needs that deserve to be treated seriously.


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