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CASE STUDY: D’agostino Laboratories

D’agostino Laboratories, is a clinical lab testing company with two branches in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. They manifested their important need to have real-time visibility of the temperature inside different key devices for the operation of their business such as refrigerators and freezers, where they kept lab samples of different complexities. The main objective is to be able to guarantee that the samples (blood, urine, etc.) are kept at the corresponding temperature, to guarantee the quality of the result. As part of the solution to their needs, we installed a LoRaWAN wireless network at each of the client's headquarters. It is used as a gateway in standalone mode and “class C” endpoints with their respective temperature sensors. The installed Gateway sends the information collected by the endpoints to a Qualix server in the cloud and is deployed in the web application developed for the client, where it accesses all the temperature information in real time. The application has a configurable alarm system for both the website and SMS that allows them to know and react at the exact moment when the temperature of the appliances is out of the indicated range. The endpoints were developed entirely by Qualix (based on our generic IoT device) and placed at each of the points where the client needed to obtain the measurement in real time, which allows us to provide constant support to the laboratory's needs. The solution based on the Internet of Things replaced the wired type previously implemented by the client, enabling cost reductions.

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